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海关入境清单 Checklist

Please bring the following when you arrived in Canada and must have it with you at all times:

  • Valid passport 护照
  • Letter of Introduction issued by the Canadian Visa Office that approved your Study Permit application. You must submit this letter to a Canadian Immigration Officer upon arrival at the border to obtain your actual Study Permit. 学生签证许可信,此信在加拿大海关入境时必须递交给移民官。(4A白纸信)
  • Original Letter of Acceptance from your school 原件录取通知书
  • Proof of funds available for your stay in Canada (e.g., money transfer, letter of credit, scholarship or assistantship letter, tuition receipt, or other proof) 学费收据
  • Any other documents recommended by the Canadian Visa Office where you applied for your Study Permit.签证中心要求的其它证件。(如有特别要求)
  • Medical Insurance Policy 医疗保险
  • Medical and Immunization (Vaccination) Records (translated) 体检和免疫卡(信)
  • Custodianship Paper (if applicable) 监护人证明
  • Declaration Card (this will be given to you once you are on the plane upon arrival in Canada) 入境卡
  • Before arriving to Canada, please know the following information as you may be questioned by the immigration officer when passing through the border:
  • Emergency Contact (Lei Rao, 905-321-6668) 紧急联系人 
  • Host Family Contact (name, number, and address) 寄宿家庭联系人(名字,电话和地址)
  • High School you are attending (name and city) 就读高中学校(名字和城市)
  • Grade 入读年级
  • Estimate years of study period 计划在加拿大读书几年