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Students Guidelines

 Guidelines for International Students 

International students studying in Canada under our care are asked that they understand and follow the below guidelines and rules:

  • Students under the age of 19 are not allowed to drink alcohol.
  • It  is illegal for students under the age of 18 to buy tobacco.
  • It  is illegal to possess drugs at any time. In such violation, students will      be asked to leave the host family immediately.
  • Any theft in the host family or elsewhere will be prosecuted and not tolerated.

· Internet access will be made available to students in the host family. Exceeding the usage limit, students will be asked to pay for the additional cost. 

  • Students are expected to keep their bedroom clean and tidy at all times. Students are also encouraged to help with some work around the house when asked by the host family.
  • Students will respect the property of the host family. Any damages incurred, students may be asked to cover the cost of repair.
  • Please always ask for help when you are not sure of something. Please let the host family know well in advance that you will be bringing a friend over; that you will not be home for dinner or that you will be coming home late at night.
  • Students must have medical insurance before arriving at the host family.

Guidelines for Host Families


· On arrival, the host family will explain about family routines and will make the student feel welcome. Host family will also be open and respectful of student’s native culture and living habits.

· Host family will show the student around the school, local attractions and places of interest such as banks, shopping malls, local library, and public transportation and will treat the student as part of the family.

Room Requirement

· Host family will arrange a nice clean and private room on the main floor or second floor for each student. The room will be equipped with a window, bed with linen, a desk with chair, a drawer or closet and a mirror.


· Host family will provide 3 nutritious meals each day and will have healthy snacks such as milk, juice, yogurt, fruits etc. readily accessible for the student. 

· Host family will include the student at the dinner table and will enjoy the meal together with the family at all times. Separate arrangements will be made if host family is away or students are coming home late.


· Students will do their own cleaning of their rooms and laundry. The host family will show them how to use the washer and dryer in the house).


· Host families should have sufficient insurance for the house and the car. Niagara Education and Business Consulting as a company will not be responsible for any injuries suffered by the student while in the host family's car. 


· The host family will pay for accommodation and food if they take the student on a trip or holiday. The student will be responsible for his/her personal expenses. If the student will not join, alternative homestay arrangements must be made, paid by the host family and approved by Niagara Education and Business Consulting. Students are not to be left alone in the house.


· Host families agree to provide rental services for a minimum of one school term or one school year. Failing this, the host family must give Niagara Education and Business Consulting one month notice and pay a penalty of $400. 

· If the host family would like to terminate a homestay agreement, the host family must give Niagara Education and Business Consulting one month notice so that alternative homestay for the student could be arranged.

Criminal Record Check

· The host family must provide a 2 year valid criminal record check for the file and review of Niagara Education and Business Consulting. The type of police check will be Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC). Please apply via the below link: http://www.policesolutions.ca/checks/services/niagara/index.php?page=pvsc 


· Students are not allowed to touch any personal belongings of the host family such as computer or phone, unless permitted. Students will purchase and use their own long distance pre-paid calling card to make international calls. 

· Students can choose to attend the religious services if requested by the host family. However, the host family will not apply any pressure to do so.