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Guidelines for Host Families

In order for us to help in this process and to ensure a quality experience for our students and host families, we would ask you to review our host family guidelines below:


· The host family should spent some time to explain about family routines and Canadian cultures in order to make the students feel welcome and comfortable staying in your home. In addition, be tolerant of his/her foreign cultures and habits, and avoid treating students as a tenant. 

· During the student’s stay, the host family is obligated to show the students ways of getting to school as well as other places of interest such as the library, shopping centres, and attractions and the use of public transportation. The host family also has the obligation to supervise the student or visitor to speak English at all times.

· All the family members have to come to an agreement in accepting or hosting a student or visitor. Any one of your family members disagrees or is just going along with the family decision will need to be discussed.

Room Standards

· A nice clean quiet private room in the main floor or second floor, must be provided for each student to study, sleep and rest. No rooms are to be shared. The student, host family and your children are off limits in each other’s room, unless permission is granted. Families are expected to respect and protect the property of the students. 

v Standard furniture such as: 

Ø A window in the room in order to escape in case of emergency

Ø Comfortable bed (including linen, blanket and pillows)

Ø Night table, lamp, and alarm clock/radio 

Ø Work desk with chair and desk lamp with sufficient lighting 

Ø Chest of drawer, closet and mirror 


· Please provide three nutritious meals daily and have healthy snacks such as yogurt, juice, milk, tea/coffee, fresh fruit, etc. to be accessible for the students. 

· At dinner time, please have the student be seated with a family gathering environment and welcome them to the table at all times. 

· Please do not offer any alcohol to the student or the visitor. 

· If the family may not be able to be home for dinner, the family must have a meal ready for the student with instructions on how to heat up the meal. If the student will be home late, please leave a plate for them to heat up upon arrival home.


· Students are informed to do their own cleaning. The host family will show them how to use the washer and dryer, so they can do their own laundry.

· The host family should not accept or request any favours from the students such as house cleaning (other than their own bedroom), shopping, gardening, baby-sitting, etc… 

Insurance and Safety

· You should have sufficient home and liability insurance in place and have insurance for passengers in your car. Niagara Education and Business Consulting does not assume any responsibilities for any injuries suffered by the student while in the host family's care. 

· Please take some time to explain about the evacuation routes to the student or visitor in case of an emergency. The host family must have a functioning fire smoke detector in the house. 

· Please inform the students to dial 911 in case of an emergency and all the detailed information for the student or visitor.


· The host family will pay for accommodation and food if they take students on a holiday or trip. The student will be responsible for his or her own travel arrangements, admission tickets, or personal expenses. 

· If the student will not join the host family, he or she must not be left alone in the house. Alternative homestay arrangements must be made, paid for by the host family, and approved by Niagara Education and Business Consulting.


· Students are not allowed to touch any personal belongings of the host family such as computer or phone, unless it is permitted. Students are required to purchase their own long distance pre-paid calling card or to make collect calls. 

· Students can choose to attend religious services if requested by the host family; however, the host family should not apply any pressure to do so. The family should take time to understand and respect the student’s belief and culture. Always provide a positive attitude and give out directions to the student’s religion’s worship location if needed.


· Host families must provide rental services for a minimum of one school term or one school year. Violating this, the host family must give Niagara Education and Business Consulting one month notice and pay a penalty of $400. 

· If the host family would like to terminate a homestay occupancy or reservation, the host family must give Niagara Education and Business Consulting one month notice in order to re-arrange alternative homestay for the student.


· Niagara Education and Business Consulting has the right to arrange time with the host family to check on living condition before accepting the Host Family Application. 

· Niagara Education and Business Consulting reserves the right to move students between schools and host families when necessary. The host family agrees to refund the balance of the unused period of time. 

· Please note that moving a student does not mean the termination of the homestay program with Niagara Education and Business Consulting. 

· Niagara Education and Business Consulting is not in a position to either guarantee or promise student occupancy to the host family. Placement is based on supply and demand.

· If the host family has any concerns that they cannot discuss directly with the student or visitor, please contact Niagara Education and Business Consulting as soon as possible.

Criminal Record Check

· The host family must provide a 2 year valid criminal record check for our files and to be reviewed by Niagara Education and Business consulting. The type of police check will be Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC). http://www.policesolutions.ca/checks/services/niagara/index.php?page=pvsc 

Service Fee

· Niagara Education and Business Consulting will charge 10% of the first month rental for each placement.

Niagara Education and Business Consulting will provide you with the application forms and other paperwork. Niagara Education and Business Consulting will do its best to facilitate the homestay arrangements, but it cannot be held responsible for any disputes that may arise between the families and students.