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Student Visa


Student Visa Application 

· Advice and consulting services in initial stage

· Preparation of application documents

· School application and securing letter of acceptance

· Seeking a custodian in Canada and processing legal document

· Processing of student visa application

3-month time is required for visa application. 

Renewal of Student Visa

All students arriving in Canada will have an issued Study Permit. This is the legal ID for students to stay legally in Canada. Therefore, it is very important that before expiry date, students will update and renew their Study Permit to make sure it stays valid at all times. Under normal circumstances, students in high school will get a Study Permit valid for one full year for each application. Each year before expiry date, students will make new applications to Canada Immigration to get their permit renewed. Since 4 to 6 weeks will be involved for normal processing, it is highly recommended that students send in their application as early as possible. 90 days in advance application will be ideal. 

For Grade 12 students, once received the offer from university and accepted the offer, their Study Permit will need to be renewed regardless if their permit is still valid.

Students should also check their Study Permit to see if there is any restriction on the secondary school they can attend. ‘Any secondary institution’ means they can attend any high school of their choice without the need to change Study Permit. After high school graduation, all higher-level institutions are ‘Post-Secondary Institutions’ and so the Study Permit with secondary institutions can not be used for post-secondary studies. 

Therefore, when offers are received from universities, students must not think that everything is all set. There are a few important dates/actions to remember:

1) Decide and accept one offer (university of your choice) before June 1st.

2) If the offer is a conditional offer, please make sure that all requirements listed in the offer letter will be met before the dates shown in the letter

3) Tuition will be paid on time

4) Study Permit will be renewed well in advance

Please also note that even though the application might be made late for the renewal of Study Permit, as long as the application is submitted before the expiry date, it will not affect your admission to university. However, once the study permit is approved, please update the information at first hour at the university admission office.

Below are the documents required for the renewal of Study Permit:

1) Electronic copy of your photo ID (within 6 months)

2) Scanned copies of all passport pages with entry and exit records

3) Current Study Permit

4) Bank certificate (with funds no less than $7000)

5) School certificate and transcript

6) Application form (download from Immigration website)

7) Application fees of $150 (collected by the government)

If for some reason students forgot and missed the expiry date on their Study Permit, as long as a new application is made within 90 days, students can commence their studies while waiting for their new study permit to be processed. Students will need to provide a letter of explanation in addition to the documents to be prepared in order to convince the visa officer. The letter of explanation as to why the permit has expired is very important. 

Please note that once the study permit has expired, the immigration office will charge an additional $200 for its renewal, and it will take longer time to process the application. 

Once the Study Permit is received, students will need to apply for their Travel Visa. Travel visa usually will take 30 days to apply, and will cost $100 (to be collected by the government)

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