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Homestay Terms and Conditions


1. The minimum monthly rental is $850-900 per room which includes:

· rent and electric water heating costs

· 3 meals a day

· high-speed Internet 

· room basic furnishings 

2. Host family needs to guarantee adequate student’s dietary nutrition and health; students should not waste food. The host family can make reasonable provision for student’s bath time. Students should abide by the regulations and pay attention to saving water and electricity. 

3. Students are responsible for all personal expenses such as personal items, dining out, cosmetics, snacks, and beddings. If for any reason a guest of the students would like to stay with the host family, all expenses are borne by the students themselves.

4. The contract of the rental agreement is charged for one academic year (ten months). If host family needs to rent out for the summer time (July-August), the student agrees to store their personal belongings elsewhere. Otherwise, a monthly charge of $300 per month for renting the room to store student’s personal belongings. 

5. Students are responsible for paying rental fees monthly on the first day of each month. First payment, students are required to pay the first and last month up front. If a student during their stay has damaged any property of the host family, the student agrees to pay compensation of the damage.

6. Rental fees do not include extra-curricular travel expenses, such as regularly pick-up or drop-off, etc. If needed, addition cost will be charged. Host family agrees to drive students if they are sick or with special reasons.

7. The rental contract indicates accommodating students for one school year. It is the student’s responsibility to notify host family and my company one month in advance if the student for some reason needs to move out. The student should assume a penalty of $400. If not, students are responsible for paying one-month rental. Vice versa for the host family.

8. The host family is responsible for bring students to a walk-in clinic for not feeling well or going to a drug store to buy medicine. Niagara Education and Business Consulting will also support as well. For emergency, please bring students to ER and contact Niagara Education and Business Consulting.

9. The host family can call school if the student is sick. More than two consecutive sick days, the school requires a doctor note from the student for attendance. Students are only to be absent four days per month other than sick days. If the students have poor attendance, please contact Niagara Education and Business Consulting immediately.

10. During the stay at a host family, the student should clean their own room and try to keep the common areas clean. Students should follow host family weekly laundry schedule and the frequency of properly using the facility. Overuse of the facility, host family may charge an additional fee of $ 10 per use of laundry.

11. During the stay at a host family, students must follow host family’s regulations. Students are not allowed to bring anyone in the house without host family’s permission. If the student received host family’s consent, when to bring people over please keep noise to the minimal as loud noises can affect other people in the house in their life and their studies.

12. Student’s visitor, i.e. parents, who are staying in Canada, the company will assist the student in finding local hotels. Service fees are to be negotiated.

13. During the stay at a host family, students are subjected to follow the provisions of the host family and daily routine. If students cannot be home for dinner for any reason, please notify the host family two hours in advance. Without host family consent, students are not allowed to stay overnight in a difference place. If needed, the student must provide a detailed information about where the student is staying and for how long. Other contact information with the student must be provided to prepare for emergencies.

14. During the stay at a host family, students are not allowed to use host family’s home phone number as a contact number for any personal online shopping and other commercial activities, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble and problems for the host family.

15. During the stay at a host family, students need to manage their own personal belongings. Any lost items are student’s responsibility.

16. Students can not use any the food in the refrigerator without host family’s approval. If happened, it is student’s responsibility to pay the costs.

17. Homestay room temperature is to set not lower than 20 degrees. Students can not regulate their own room temperature and freely open the window. If violated, the student needs to pay an additional cost of $100 per time.

18. The host family is responsible for bringing the student to attend community even to promote Canadian culture.

19. The host family is required to treat the student as their own child, taking care of their mental and physical health.